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Yerevan, 15.September,
The first Armenian International Photo Fest opened in Yerevan supported by Tovmasyan Charity Foundation Yerevan hosts the presentation of Canadian Institute’s (YEDI) Start-Up programs (video) ANIF announces the appointment of Dominique de Villepin to its Board of Directors. OFID and Ameriabank strengthen trade and development in Armenia Intentional distortion of the Constitution is a very dangerous step. I think that the CC members should decide on stopping Vahe Grigoryan's powers. Gor Hovhannisyan Ara Sargsyan. desire to keep pace with best international practices is in our dna 2 nd youth entrepreneurship conference launched in Yerevan რუსი სახელგანთქმული გოგონები ძუძუმწოვრებით სემენოვიჩთან შედარებით. მიიღეთ გულმკერდის: "ცხელი" ვარსკვლავები დიდი ბიუსტი The project "Days of Maltese Music in Armenia" is another step towards strengthening the friendship between the Armenians and the Maltese Three Armenian Banks Finance Significant Investment Deal of Armenian Company Unibank reported a 20% growth in the sphere of retail lending Unibank to expand the network by 5 new branches ქეთა თოფურია ბალიდან შოკისმომგვრელი ფოტოებით გვანებივრებს შორენა ბეგაშვილი სექსუალურ ვიდეოს აბაზანიდან თამამად გვიზიარებს "კარ­გი ხმა კი მაქვს, მაგ­რამ სმე­ნა - არა. სმე­ნას ჩემ­თან ახ­ლო­საც არ ჩა­უვ­ლია" - "საქართველოს ვარსკვლავის" ახალი წამყვანი და უპრეცედენტო სიახლე პროექტში ნანუკა გუდავაძე ბერასთან გადაღებულ ახალ, ამაფორიაქებელ ფოტოს აქვეყნებს (ფოტო) 10 სკოლა სადაც შენ არასდროს გააცდენ გაკვეთილს “ბავშვი მენატრება…მტერს არ ვუსურვებ ბავშვის დასაფლავებას...დღეს საფლავზე ისე ყინავდა ... რა უნდა ჩემს თოკოს მიწაში“ - ლანა პაპიძე „მამამ ყველაფერი გააკეთა იმისთვის, რომ შემყვარებოდა ავტომობილი და რბოლა“ - დრონი.ჯი-ს ინტერვიუ ყველაზე ახალგაზრდა მრბოლელ გოგონასთან სილამაზის უცნაური სტანდარტები - გაინტერესებთ, ბერასთან ერთად რომელი მამაკაცები დასახელდნენ ყველაზე სიმპატიურებად?

Kanon, Duduk, Dhol musical instruments as a gift for a musical school in a village called Achajur, from Armenian musicians of Los Angeles.

The newspaper “Past” (“Fact”) reports, “Last week, in Yerevan, Unison Duet organized a charity concert aimed at helping to improve music education in Armenian border villages and to draw people’s attention to the problems these villages face. Unison Duet music band was founded last year by the pianist Shushan Hakobyan and violinist Ruben Aghiyan in Los Angeles. They perform at concerts and other music events in Los Angeles bringing together a group of Armenian and foreign musicians around them. This concert was not the first one organized by the duo. They had organized and performed at charity concerts prior to the event. In order to support the families of the heroes of April War of 2016, Unison performed concerts both in Los Angeles and Armenia. This time, guided by the motto “Let’s Keep Armenian Borders Spiritually strong”, the musicians decided to help by contributing to the development of Achajur Music School in Tavush Region. Through their Armenian companions, the musicians learned about the lack of instruments at the music school in the village and made it their goal to help. Thus, Shushan and Ruben packed their suitcases and headed to Yerevan. They surely didn’t come with their hands empty - the duo had $800 collected from the concert. Irina Zakyan (soprano) and Vahan Grigoryan (cello) also joined them at the concert at The Club, in Yerevan. Besides, the concert hosted Shushanna Kaymetlyan, who had also come from Los Angeles to participate in the Golden Voices International Competition.

Shushan Hakobyan, addressing the audience before the concert, said that they couldn’t imagine their life and career without being hosted in Armenia at least once a year. “If a musician does not help another musician, someone else will definitely help since there are so many good people in the world. However, we consider it our duty to direct our efforts to help little musicians, little talents, who are deprived of certain opportunities, to continue learning, to enter the great world of music, and to bring joy to their surroundings. Today, we are going to play for you, for those children and for the whole Armenian nation”, she said.

Tigran Mansuryan, whose pieces were performed at the event among the others, was also present at the charity event. According to Shushan Hakobyan, the Maestro displayed  great encouragement and support towards the duet’s patriotic and charitable initiative. The musicians succeeded in collecting another 150, 000 Armenian drams during the concert. As a result, they were able to buy high quality musical instruments (duduk, dhol and kanon) with the total amount of the contribution. Shushan says that the musicians also brought classic music audio disks for the young students of Achajur Music School.

To be continued in today’s issue of the “Past” (“Fact”) daily.

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