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Homes of People Who HATE the Outside World


#7 - The House On A Mountain We aren’t sure if there are any volcanoes in the surrounding area that could affect the residents living in the tiny community pictured here but we’re going to assume that there are not. Since there isn’t something that could potentially wipe everything away in a matter of hours, we can say that this is one beautiful spot to live. The grass depicted here is so green it looks like these people could plant whatever their heart desires. Since there is so much room to live and grow, this seems like one of the best spots in the world to live. These are views you wouldn’t see anywhere else on the planet. The great thing about living in the middle of nowhere is that you don’t have to share the beautiful scenery with anyone else, and they won’t try to build a corporation or a strip mall desecrating the world around them as they go. #6 - A Secluded Monastery Eremo di San Colombano is the monastery pictured here and it is located in Trambileno-Rovereto, Italy. This religious building was designed and created back in the eighth century. You can tell by this image of the place that this is quite the extraordinary establishment. We want to know who these people managed to create this building wedged inside a cliff! You wouldn’t want to carry groceries up these stairs either, though, since there are over 102 stone steps to reach the top. Just forget about going back for that second trip entirely, that’s just too many stairs to climb twice. Could you just imagine moving all of your stuff up there? That would be a moving process that took weeks. #5 - The Monastery On Katskhi Pillar You can’t go up and worship or stay in the monastery located in Chiatura, Georgia unless you aren’t afraid of heights, even in the least bit. As this image shows, the monastery we’re talking about sits far above the ground floor. This building is hoisted up into the sky on top of a gigantic natural limestone monolith, giving the person who lives here a one-of-a-kind zip code. If you do get to this remote location, you make it to the monastery and you become too scared to enjoy yourself, there is an ancient wine cellar that might possibly still contain an old bottle or two. Just be sure if you do find alcohol up there and you do drink, stay far away from the edges so that you don’t accidentally fall off and tumble to your death. It’s not like there is a hospital nearby to save the day. If you get hurt out here, you’re pretty much screwed. #4 - A Lost Residence Although it looks like the massive home in this picture has long since been abandoned, we would really love to see what it looked like when it was first built. It might appear to be falling into shambles but there really isn’t anything a good bit of restoration couldn’t fix. This is another home that has a breathtaking backdrop that would make any neighbor green with envy. The manor pictured here is no doubt one of the best places in the world to watch the rain. #3 - The Invisible House We call the home in this image the invisible house because of the way it blends into the landscape behind it. If you just glanced at this picture, you might just think that this is a bunch of tall rocks jutting out from the ground like miniature stand alone mountains. Just imagine watching the sunrise and sunset in some of these gorgeous places. Capturing sights like that would be a photographer’s wildest dream. #2 - The Wooded Island House As this picture shows, you can only access this $10 million remote island by boat or plane. That being the case, this seems like a great place to call home for people who just don’t want any sort of connection with the outside world. The great thing about the island pictured here is that it is covered in trees which means you not only get a ton of privacy but you could also thin the herd a little if you ever needed wood. You know, to build things like a house. This would also be one of the best spots to hide if there were ever zombies, as long as you could get enough food. #1 - The Lighthouse Located on Bishop Rock Island in Great Britain sits the lighthouse pictured here. The Guinness Book of World Records listed this island as the smallest island that had a building on it quite a few years back. This island is in the Isles of Scilly, 28 miles off the coast of Cornwall. The lighthouse and residence that sits there was first lit back in 1858 so it’s been around for awhile now. Although it looks large and impressive close up in this picture, the view from far away, which you can see in this picture, shows just how secluded this lighthouse really is.

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