Yerevan, 26.September.2023,
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Ucom’s director general Ralph Yirikian delivered a special lecture at “Leadership school” The international FINTECH360 conference will be held in October in Yerevan The reduced UCOM roaming rate for several countries will remain at 9 AMD/MB Ucom keeps on upgrading the mobile network Your business - our solutions: SoftPOS application from IDBank - your sales toolIDBank placed $5 million tranche Idram is for all: commercial director Grigori Yolyan Ucom's uHome mobile internet now comes with Level Up voice service inclusions AMD 3,500,572 to the “SOS Children’s Villages” Armenian Charity Foundation Ucom initiates mobile network upgrade First in Armenia: Ameriabank’s Mortgage Portfolio Goes Past AMD 200BS&P Upgrades Ameriabank to 'BB-', Outlook Stable3 educational centrs in Goris alredy benefit from Ucom's high-speed internetFuel cards are in plusShtigen Group is Ready to Support the Development of the Capital Market in ArmeniaUcom offers buying Xiaomi Redmi 12 at just 1500 amd/month and getting wireless earbuds uDays discounts are available in the Ucom online shop Ameriabank Wins in 3 Nominations of Global Finance World’s Best Digital Bank Awards 2023 In July, “The Power of One Dram” was directed to the “Children of Armenia” fund. August beneficiary is SOS Children's Villages FoundationUcom and “Sunchild” a nature and culture preservation NGO, have launched a "green" partnershipIDBank bonds can also be purchased online. The bank issues 2nd tranche of dollar bondsUcom discontinues the use of stamps Some of the Equipment Required for the Modernization of the Ucom Mobile Network has Already Arrived in Armenia100 days at Ucom with Ralph Yirikia: director general announces the companys vision and 5-year strategy for countrywide expansionIDBank will issue dollar bonds Amundi-Acba made a huge investment in the RA economyAt Ucom honor Choice X3 wireless headset is included with the purchase of HONOR smartphones Ucom and the official representative of Apple, ASBIS, have signed a memorandum of understandingThe European Union of Judges calls on the Armenian authorities to find effective ways and tools to correct the situation in which the judges found themselvesThe fastest home fixed internet from Ucom is now available in Goris Ucom roaming bundles can be activated through the Ucom mobile application "The Power of One Dram"- to the "Hayordi" camp: the beneficiary of July is the "Children of Armenia" FundAmeriabank Receives 4 Sustainable Finance Awards from Global FinanceTRAVEL WITH PROFITUcom offers Xiaomi Redmi Buds 3 Lite wireless earbuds with every Xiaomi smartphone purchase Shell brand is already in Armenia. The first fuel stations were put into operationUcom offers a special discount of AMD 40,000 on iPhone 14 Moody’s rating agency has upgraded Converse bank’s rating With the technical support of Ucom, BarCamp was held in Yerevan for the 14th timeThe Initially Affordable Samsung Galaxy A13 Is Now Discounted at UcomUcom runs a short-term sale on the 9th generation iPAD 10.2 With Ucom’s technical support, the 25th edition of Stepan Sargsyan cup in freestyle wrestling was held MyInvest. Ameriabank has Launched an Online Investment Platform Ucom offers special credit terms for the purchase of Apple smart watches and AirPods "The Power of One Dram" initiative turns 3: more than AMD 128 million to more than 20 fundsAraratBank receives 2 awards at the annual AMX AWARD 2023Ucom will keep on providing high-speed internet access to the Komitas museum-institute International experience and new football skills: Milan Academy Junior Camp wraps up in Yerevan As part of the "uDays" special offer, Ucom is providing discounts on a specified range of products Ucom business customers to buy a Macbook Pro, saving up to 30% off retail price