Yerevan, 28.May.2024,
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Mining plays an important role in providing materials for energy transition and green economy: Roman Khudoli

Ongoing Environmental Reforms at ZCMC
The global environmental calendar marks several occasions this week. We celebrate the International Day of Forests; World Water Day and the week will end with the “Earth Hour". Reiterating our commitment to the responsible management of the company’s environmental footprint, General Director of ZCMC Roman Khudoliy stated:
“ZCMC has publicly committed to transforming itself into a modern mining company operating according to leading industry standards. This week, as the world celebrates several important environmental events, we wish to reaffirm that commitment. Mining plays an important role in providing materials for energy transition and green economy. It is our responsibility as an industry to ensure economic transformation with full integration of environmental responsibility. Leading companies in the industry are already proving that this is a difficult, but possible and the only viable path, and I am proud that our company has already advanced in this direction in a short period of time.”
ZCMC presents the environmental measures implemented during the past year, as well as current and planned activities in this area.
Reforestation: a total of 12,588 trees, 1,350 bushes, 4,230 flowers and 140 kg of grass seeds were planted and grown during 2023. During the year an unprecedented reforestation process has begun, involving a total of twenty hectares of forest, about seventeen hectares of forested areas and three hectares of communal land. In the Artsvanik tailings pond alone, twenty hectares were cultivated in the reporting year and more than 10,700 trees were used.
Installation of a new geoseismic system: The installation of the system makes it possible to understand the sensitivity of the tailing pond and the tolerances for any tectonic or vibrational movements. With this equipment, in the event of any movement, the automatic response system will record data, compare permissible and unacceptable deviations, and immediately transmit the data. The system is expected to be operational within the next 7 to 8 months.
Dust control: With the newly introduced water cannon system, dust settles directly on-site during drilling operations. Four cannons have already been installed in the open pit. Water cannons with both static and mobile systems will soon be imported. Water cannons are used in the world’s leading mining projects, significantly reducing dust flow beyond the quarry.
Protection of water resources: Installation of a sewage treatment plant in cooperation with the municipality of Kajaran is planned for the near future. Bids from potential contractors have already been received through the tendering process. The wastewater treatment plant is set to treat fifty liters of water per second. The dates of the fulfillment of the project will be known after the design phase is completed.
The company is also considering the introduction of a water circulation system and other alternative solutions for the Artsvanik tailings dam.

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