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Yerevan, 19.October,
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2 nd youth entrepreneurship conference launched in Yerevan

On April 13 the Second Youth Entrepreneurship Conference launched in Yerevan with
more than 50 youngsters, entrepreneurship experts and speakers coming from
Armenia, Spain, Georgia and Italy. The main aim of the conference is to discuss the
importance of entrepreneurship education among young people and explore the
potential of young people to offer innovative solutions in the field.

- Spreading the knowledge about entrepreneurship is a very important problem because
young people usually have more innovative ideas but because of lack of education and
skills those ideas remain not realized, - said Anna Pluzyan the President of Youth For
Exchange and Cooperation NGO.

The conference is the first phase of the project “Dream, Believe, Achieve” 2nd edition,
which is a long-term capacity building project launched in 2018 as “Dream, Believe,
Achieve”, where young people from 4 countries had an opportunity to develop their
skills and knowledge in an entrepreneurship field. Based on the experience of the first
project, the goal of the 2 nd edition is to create a universal methodology for delivering
entrepreneurship trainings to youth groups and which in turn will facilitate involvement of
young people in the community of entrepreneurs.

The project is funded by the European Union Erasmus+ program and is implemented by
the “Youth For Exchange and Cooperation” NGO in cooperation with “Georgian Youth
For Better Future” NGO, Istituto Suore Per Operaie (Italy), AIDEJOVEN (Spain) and

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